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Outdoor ping pong tables, or table tennis tables, come in a range of configurations and constructions. The surface of the table is usually made of metal, wood with a thick outer protective layer or a few types of laminated construction. Usually, the legs are made of coated metal or well treated and protected wood. As these tables are designed to be left outside, they must be waterproof and protected against exposure types, such as ultraviolet radiation from the sun.


The aluminum topped tables are usually accepted as the best, since the aluminum does not rust and is hard as well as durable, and is not affected by ultraviolet rays. As the tables require a thicker layer to produce a good bounce, they generally consist of an inner layer of wood, with outer layers of aluminum to protect it. Some of the laminated tabletops can also be very good and are becoming more common.


Aluminum frames are generally the best option since they tend to be much lighter than solid wood or steel, with little resistance to lowering. When you are going to move the table around a lot, ensure that you also have a good undercarriage with solid, weather resistant wheels. Having the alternative of being able to double half of the table to practice against is also provided by some brands, even though in reality this configuration is hardly used, and it is very restrictive in the practice that it provides.


The performance is generally measured by how great the bounce produced by the ball is. As you are already out and the slightest wind can move the ball easily, this requirement is generally secondary, but usually the more solid and thick the top of the table, the better the performance. One more issue to consider is the surface finish. Some table has a real shine on the surface, and as there is much lighter outside than inside, a matte finish is highly desirable to reduce glare.


These boards require virtually no maintenance, as they are solid and resistant. It is a great idea to put some kind of cover on the table when it is not being used, to provide that additional little protection and to keep it clean, but it is not necessary. Cleaning a bit with a soft, damp cloth is generally a great idea before you start playing, and any small amount of dirt on the surface harshly affects the bounce of a table tennis ball. Click here.


In general, the tennis tables also come with a net, even though in some cases this network is not resistant to weather, so it must be removed after you finish using it. Several tables come with bats and balls, and clearly, they are very easy to carry inside when you finish playing, so the weather-proofing is not such a big problem.

Where to buy?

Table tennis tables are usually purchased through your local club or distributor, or through an online store, which will usually be sent directly to your door. If you consider buying the table from anywhere, ensure you get a quote for the entire package, including shipping, as they could be high extra costs. It is worth seeing if they can include a net as well since it can usually be obtained at a better price when both at the same time.


Why Is It Called Ping Pong?

Finding the best ping pong table can be important for ping pong or table tennis enthusiasts. Ping pong has become a highly popular sport across the world and there is just a love for the game that stretches as far as the eye can see. It’s interesting really because it’s not always on television like other sports such as football and hockey and yet it attracts millions of followers each and every year. However, have you ever wondered why it’s called ping pong?

Early Thoughts

It’s believed the name ping pong came about from the noise of the balls hitting against the rackets. Early players used very old-style rackets which created a very different element of sound than today hence the name. However, there are many theories as to why the game of ping pong is named so. Most people are now searching for the best table tennis table in order to help improve their game and to enable them to play at a professional level. It is very interesting to see the development of ping pong or table tennis as it’s also known as and how it has grown over the years.

Changes to the Game

Ping pong is quite a fast moving game and the ball is very small too which has led to some changes being made. The ball is now slightly bigger which helps to slow down the speeds so that viewers can actually see the ball and keep updated with things as well. The amount of points needed to win the game has also changed to help make the games a lot more entertaining and exciting. A lot of people buy the best ping pong table to help their game and lots of people play at home too. There are many who find they absolutely adore this game and that it really is a lot of fun to play.

A Competitive Sport

For many years, ping pong has been highly competitive with many players taking up the sport professionally. It’s really quite interesting to see just how popular this sport has become and it’s now in the Olympic Games. There are just really this awe over ping pong and how so many are now choosing to play it too. Buying the best table tennis table can be really important and unlike a lot of other sports, this is a sport which is very affordable! It’s easy enough to purchase the table and to train so that’s why a lot of people enjoy it so.

The Love of Ping Pong

It doesn’t seem as though ping pong is going away any time soon and that can be a great thing because it can be very interesting to watch and to take part in as well. There are lots of people who can get involved in this game without having to spend a lot of money and you never know where it can lead either. Buying the best ping pong table can be far easier and a lot less costly too.


When it comes to sports, there are a number of ways to play. There are several sports in play (get it?) even just within the U. S., but there are even more sports being played abroad. Cricket, for example, is popular in the U. K., though we don’t play it in the States. There are countless examples of engaging our bodies in friendly competition to try, if you’re into it. However, there are a number of other ways to play that aren’t physical games of skill. Rather, why not try some of the more cerebral games of skill that we have at our disposal? Here are a few examples of ways to play without being an athlete.

First and foremost, I can’t recommend video games enough. As an avid gamer, myself I can attest to the tremendous value of this type of play. For a variety of reasons, mind you, but there is a rather large following for eSports, which are games that are structured like team sports such as football and that are played online competitively. Furthermore, these eSports have official sport status and are used as the basis for tournaments where professional gamers compete, and you can catch these tourneys on ESPN nowadays. Video games also offer virtual versions of traditional sports, so there’s something for everyone. The new bigthing in eSports right now is Overwatch, a team based first person shooter. So, why not invest in a gaming PC via Lenovo and join in on the fun?

Another way to play is via table top games? These include board games, first and foremost. Board games are at least known, if not familiar, to all of us, and there are two major contenders in this department. The first is chess, another game that has been officially declared a sport due to its heavy focus on strategy. More specifically, the focus of competitive chess is being able to predict your opponent’s moves in advance and plan multiple future actions based on these predicted plays.

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Reasons why table tennis is the best sport in the world

To enjoy this year’s Countrywide PING PONG Day, I decided to share a little bit of ping pong table review. We ping-pong players, mentors and enthusiasts all know that table tennis is the first sport in the world. However, there are a few unbelievers out there who need transforming.

So, in no particular order, here are my nine explanations why I think ping pong is the greatest of all sports activities.

Any age can play (and win)

All age ranges best ping pong table. Head to any club, and you will find young and old. However, the best thing is the fact that different ages be competitive equally with each other.

A 78-year-old can conquer a 28-year-old. A 10-year-old can make a grown-up man cry. Table tennis is not all about ‘ability.’ You need agood strategy, right touch and good techniques to win.

Players with less physical power (young and old) can contend similarly with players in optimum physical condition and present them a good thrashing!

Money does not matter

It does not cost much to experiment with table tennis. You can get a good starter bat for ?20-?30 and away you go.

I would say ping pong is a “classless” sport. Head into a table tennis hall so you would not be able to say who is rich and who is poor. We all look similarly naff inside our sweaty t-shirts, baggy shorts or tracksuit bottoms.

No one cares about your track record, whether you are a millionaire or haven’t any job whatsoever. All that matters in the ping pong hall is table tennis.

Ping pong table review international peace

Ok, I may be overstating things here, but ping pong is a truly international sport. Everyone plays it.

Over the past few years,I have coached players from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, India, France, Singapore, USA, China, Canada, Germany, Poland, Russia, Australia, Romania, Czech Republic, Iran, South Africa, Belgium and more…

My knowledge of other countries and ethnicities has broadened. I feel a comfort to my overseas friends and part of a global community.

Want world calmness? Give all our politicians and diplomats a bat and get them to play table tennis together.

Ping pong is flipping hard

If you are looking for something easy, try one of those sports with the best rackets and huge courts ( tennis, squash or badminton). It is harder to miss than get the ball to judge!

Table tennis is a lot tougher. We play with small bats and a small ball on a small table. The margin for theproblem is little. Get you bat position or contact or placement slightly incorrect, and you have smudged.

According to ping pong table review, Ping pong is difficult. It is addictive. It issues the human brain. It challenges your body. It takes quite a while to get excellent at it. If you need a proper sporting obstacle, ping pong is the sport for you.

Table tennis is humbling

Regardless of how good you think you are getting at ping pong, there’s always an increased standard player that can make you feel like a beginner.

Table tennis is not a sport for egos, as we all know that there is a more robust player who is able to make us look silly.

Just how do we offer with this? We value one another. We encourage each other. We learn from stronger players with best ping pong table. Visit this site :

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5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest In a Ping Pong Table

Who in their right mind would search for the best ping pong table for the office? To be honest, it doesn’t seem like such a good idea to invest in a ping pong table especially when you have a busy office to worry about and yet it could be a fantastic idea. Not convinced? You aren’t alone in your thoughts as most people think ping pong tables are for homes. However, there are many good reasons why you might want to invest in a ping pong table for your company.

Offers a Suitable Break from the Computer

Staring at a computer screen all day is going to drive you up the wall sooner or later and sometimes it is best to look at offering a small break time alternative. One option would be a ping pong table. This can be such a good idea and can really help to give people a way to break away from the computer screen for five minutes and give their eyes a rest. You can use a ping pong table review to help find the best too.

It’s A Little Motivator

To be honest, a lot of people can get bored and fed-up with their daily routines and sometimes you need to make the office a little more exciting. With a ping pong table, you can actually find it helps motivate people. For instance, if it has been a long morning, you can set up little tournaments for the employees to look forward to. This can help them get through their day and find something that motivates them too. You can even get the best ping pong table and spend very little. It can be a great investment without a lot of money being needed.

It Can Boost Morale

While it seems a little strange to say, but having a ping pong table can be the ideal way to bring back some morale within the office. People get down and find things get boring but with a ping pong table you might be able to boost morale. It’s a good option to consider and something that is incredibly easy to use as well. When you read a ping pong table review you can hopefully find the best for your office. What is more, it can be a nice little addition to the office. See more here!!

Stimulates the Brain

You need something that stimulates the brain and ping pong can be it. We all need something to keep us going from time to time and help stimulate us a little more and while it’s a little strange to say, ping pong can offer us that. You can buy the best ping pong table and find it really helps the entire office stay focused and have a lot of fun too. These tables can be very cost-effective and it brings something new to the office as well.

It Can Be a Great Little Distraction

Having a distraction within the office can be ideal! There comes a time when people need something to distract them from the stresses and strains of everyday situations and a ping pong table can help. OK, so it’s not the most conventional stress release method and yet it can be very effective. Why not use it? If you wanted to buy the best table you could look at a ping pong table review to ensure you get a top quality table.

Invest Wisely

Your company could, in fact, find investing in a ping pong table to be well worth it. Now, it might sound very strange to a lot of people and yet it can be a good idea. When you have a ping pong table available you can enjoy the day and have little tournaments every now and again. It’s a little distraction and something that brings a new element to the workspace. Find the best ping pong table and have fun!

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4 Ways to Determine the Best Table Tennis Conversion Top for You


Some people think that buying the best table tennis table is a huge and complicated process but in the real sense it’s not. There are multitudes of table tennis conversion top products in the market today and therefore there is no need to fear so long as you are having access to the internet. Sometimes this many products may be a little intimidating because it may be hard for you to make a proper selection. There are several different dimensions of table tennis and therefore the space that you have in your house is what determines the size of the table tennis conversion top that you should buy. Here are four ways that you can use to determine and get the best conversion table tennis top.

  1. What is the size of your pool table?

Most pool tables have a length of around 7 to 8 inches but it’s you to determine the size of the pool table that you want. Before you buy a table tennis conversion top it is important for you to first of all measure the size of your current poor table. You should then record these numbers down for the purpose of assisting you to buy a conversion top that best suits you. Last but not least, ensure that the conversion top that you buy is convertible.

  1. What is the thickness of your table tennis conversion top?

It’s you to determine the thickness of the conversion top that you want to buy but it should be compatible. ¾ conversion top thickness is more expensive as compared to the ½ conversion top thickness. Despite the fact that the ¾ conversion top is expensive, it is the most preferred one because it will serve you for a longer period of time. On the negative side of it is that it is heavier and more expensive. If you are a serious table tennis player this is the kind of table tennis that you should buy.

  1. Is your table outdoor or indoor?

This is a crucial factor that you need to take into consideration when looking for the table tennis conversion top because it can assist you to buy a table tennis that will suit the environment where it will be placed. It is important for you to read table tennis table reviews because they will assist you to buy the right table tennis conversion top. If you table is outdoor then you will have to spend more money and buy a conversion top that is weatherproof. If you assume that all the table tennis conversion tops are the same then you will be messing yourself up because you will end up buying the wrong one.

  1. What is the amount of money that you are willing to spend on your new conversion top?

Your budget for the table tennis conversion top matters in this case and therefore you need to be very careful on this because the amount of money will determine the quality and of conversion top that you will buy. To get the best ping pong table, you will be required to have around $200 to $400. Find better prices here:


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Ping Pong Game – Simple And Fun To Play

Thinking of buying the best ping pong table but aren’t sure this is the game for you? Don’t worry – you are not alone in this decision. Ping pong is quite an unusual sport and it’s often mistaken for this very dull sport that doesn’t offer any excitement; in reality, it’s full of surprises. It’s one of the simplest games available today and anyone can learn to play it.

What Are The Rules?

Two players compete against one another and each player has to serve the ball and return it in order to win a point. If a player misses a shot or knocks it out of play then the other player is granted a point. When someone reaches twenty one, they are the winner of that game. However, there must be a clear margin in order for a winner to be declared. If player A was on 21 but player B was on 20, the game goes on until one of the players goes ahead by two points. There always needs to be a two point lead in order to win a game. If you have the best ping pong table you can find games are more enjoyable which is something to remember when buying a table.

How Easy Is Ping Pong To Play?

Ping Pong is actually a simple game, whether you know everything there is to know or very little. If you are playing an opponent, you stand one side of the table and he (or she) at the other side. One starts off by serving and the ball must pass the net and bounce on the table in order for it to be a legitimate serve. If the ball manages to hit the net then the opponent will get the point instead. Not too complicated, but quite fun, and you can get a lot of exercise out of this too which is even better! You can even look at a ping pong table review if you aren’t clear which table is right – a little assistance goes a long way!

Don’t Play Alone

Ping pong can be a fun sport and it isn’t just a one player game. You can of course play alone if you’re trying to get in more practice or don’t feel too comfortable playing against someone as yet. However, you could opt for a two player game in which you go head-to-head with an opponent or go for a doubles game where two teams of two players battle one another. It’s all a lot of fun and with the best ping pong table you won’t go wrong.

One More Rule

If you are opting for a doubles game you cannot serve the ball as you normally would, it must be served diagonally. This is the only additional rule you will have to worry about when it comes to double ping pong, but it isn’t too difficult to remember. Once you know these simple rules then you can go ahead and start playing and enjoying your game too. You might also want to read a ping pong table review in case you are stuck over which table to buy or rent.

Fall In Love with a Different Kind of Sport

Ping pong is greatly underestimated and most think it’s a very boring kind of sport, but it isn’t. This can be quite fun and players of all ages can enjoy a small game or two. You can easily learn as there aren’t many rules and improving your game can get better through practice! Buy the best ping pong table and improve your game.

Fnd out more informations in our post here:

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Indoor Table Tennis Equipment – Know the Basics

Buying the best table tennis table is important for those who want to become a pro. However, for many people interested in indoor table tennis, they often struggle to understand the basics. It is a simple sport and learning the basics is important. Read on to find out a few basic elements of indoor table tennis.

What Equipment Do You Need To Play Indoor Table Tennis?

In all honesty, you are only going to require two very basic pieces of table tennis equipment to play indoors. You need a table tennis bat and table tennis balls! Yes, these are the only two pieces of equipment you’ll require to play indoors. This is great because they aren’t overly expensive and you can practice in your own time. However, you will need the best ping pong table. Ping pong and table tennis tables are the exact same so you don’t have to worry too much over which one you buy.

How to Play?

If you want to learn to play table tennis you will need to practice a great deal and have fairly decent hand-eye coordination. You have to move fast, be a little flexible and deal hard shots back so that the other player fails to score. The first to eleven points is the winner and anyone can learn to play. With the best table tennis table you can practice as much as possible and become a great player too!

Do You Have To Be Fit To Play?

Table tennis is quite a rigorous sport so you need to be fairly fit. However, for those just starting out, don’t worry too much about how fit or unfit you are. As you learn you get fitter and it’s a great workout too. You can exercise your body so much and you workout almost every muscle group too. You can exercise your legs, thighs, hips, back and chest and everything else! If you have the best ping pong table then you can become a better player too. Of course, fitness plays a good part in table tennis success, but, in reality, you don’t have to be in good shape to start. As you learn, you get used to the workout and also start to feel healthier.

Everyone Starts Off at the Bottom

This technically isn’t a basic element of table tennis, but it’s still good to know. When you start out, you’re more than likely to be terrible! Now, that isn’t a bad thing because this is where everyone starts out. Yes, some may be more talented than others but everyone starts at the bottom. This means you can learn the basics and become a grand master and there is no time limit either. You can progress however you like and also to whatever level you like. If you buy the best table tennis table then you know you’re ready to take your game seriously. More details in this post.

Know the Basics and Become a Master

Learning to play table tennis can be a simple matter and it’s really a fantastic sport too. Learning the basics is almost too easy and once you know about the various equipment you’ll need, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Remember to buy the best table tennis table and the right equipment also.

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How to Make Use of a Table Tennis Equipment Review

You are searching for the best table tennis table and you probably want to buy all the necessary equipment, but are you having trouble? It’s not always a piece of cake to find all the necessary table tennis equipment as there are lots of avenues to choose from. However, reviews are going to be the right tool to assist you in your decision. They can be very useful but how can you make most from these reviews?

Reviews from Third-Party Sites Can Offer an Unbiased View

Reading a table tennis table review can offer a lot of basic information, more than what you can obtain from product descriptions. Real people who have used these pieces of equipment will voice their opinion as to how durable the items were and whether they were worth the money. Also, reviews can offer a simple but unbiased view and that is what you need most of all. Getting an unbiased view on table tennis equipment, including the actual table, is necessary. The people who write the reviews are often people who have actually tried the equipment out so that is a real bonus. You know they are talking the truth.

Learn About the Negatives and Positives

You can also utilize the reviews by simply finding out about the pros and cons surrounding the equipment. This is amazing as it gives you the ammunition and drive to choose the best table tennis table. You really don’t understand how good or bad equipment will be until you read the reviews. Technically, people will say you have to test the equipment before you can be sure it’s right for you, but, in reality, not always. The reason why is simply because you could end up buying tones of equipment only to find it isn’t worth the money. However, reviews are going to be the one tool that you don’t have to invest in. More explained in this site:

Reviews Hold the Key to Your Equipment

Buying new table tennis equipment is extremely tough. You not only have to ensure the equipment is suitable for your game, but that it is also quality too so you aren’t wasting money. This isn’t as easy as you’d think because there are lots of options to consider and you can easily get confused. However, reading a table tennis table review can offer a new insight into what you are buying and it goes the same with reviews for other equipment pieces. The reviews are going to be the one tool you can rely on and you can feel much more content after reading them too.

Buy Only the Best

Table tennis is a wonderful sport and if you take the time to learn about the game, it can become your next passion. You can host small family tournaments or even enter into some semi-pro tournaments too. If you have some good skills you can go far and you must remember to buy the right equipment. Read reviews and buy the best equipment including the best table tennis table.

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Basic Ping Pong Rules

You have read a ping pong table review and have purchased the necessary equipment; you’ve done the hard work of setting everything up too, but do you know the rules? Most people seem to forget there are rules involved with most sports and that if you want to successfully play ping pong, you got to learn the rules! What are the basic rules in ping pong?

One-On-One Single’s Battles

For those who are playing in a singles match, it’s important to know that players must stand on their right side of the table. Each player takes their position so that they serve correctly. You don’t necessarily have to serve with your right hand if you’re a left handed player, it might mean you have to adjust your shots somewhat. Players can flip a coin to see who serves first; and when both players are ready, the game can begin. As said, the player serves diagonally to the opponent and he or she must volley the shot back. If the ball fails to get over the net, the opponent wins the point. The best ping pong table may help your game somewhat if you’re experienced in using it.

How to Win a Match?

Players battle it out volleying shots across the table to one another until they hit a certain margin. Depending on the type of game you want to play (i.e. long or short) the point margin can reach eleven or twenty one. Now, for beginners, it may be best to opt for the eleven point match so that they can dip their feet into the water. For experts they could look at a longer twenty one point game. You can set up a small tournament of say seven matches and the first to four will win. If you do plan to play ping pong a lot you will want the best ping pong table available to you.

Keeping Score

Players can use a backhand stroke or a forehand stroke to volley the ball back, but they cannot use their hands to force the ball over the net. You probably already know this but it never hurts to remind players nonetheless. The ball cannot touch the table twice or hit the floor otherwise it’s out of play and the opponent wins the point. Also, you personally cannot touch the table in order to move the ball, in any way. You could read a ping pong table review to find a suitable option for your game if you so wish.

A Simple Game

In all honesty, ping pong is a very easy game to understand and play. If you haven’t played this before, it isn’t actually as difficult as it looks and as long as you can hit the ball back, you should be fine! It does take a lot of skill and practice to reach the top level, but you are never too old to try and you never know where your skills will take you. Get the best ping pong table and practice as much as you can and become a fierce competitor.

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