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4 Ways to Determine the Best Table Tennis Conversion Top for You


Some people think that buying the best table tennis table is a huge and complicated process but in the real sense it’s not. There are multitudes of table tennis conversion top products in the market today and therefore there is no need to fear so long as you are having access to the internet. Sometimes this many products may be a little intimidating because it may be hard for you to make a proper selection. There are several different dimensions of table tennis and therefore the space that you have in your house is what determines the size of the table tennis conversion top that you should buy. Here are four ways that you can use to determine and get the best conversion table tennis top.

  1. What is the size of your pool table?

Most pool tables have a length of around 7 to 8 inches but it’s you to determine the size of the pool table that you want. Before you buy a table tennis conversion top it is important for you to first of all measure the size of your current poor table. You should then record these numbers down for the purpose of assisting you to buy a conversion top that best suits you. Last but not least, ensure that the conversion top that you buy is convertible.

  1. What is the thickness of your table tennis conversion top?

It’s you to determine the thickness of the conversion top that you want to buy but it should be compatible. ¾ conversion top thickness is more expensive as compared to the ½ conversion top thickness. Despite the fact that the ¾ conversion top is expensive, it is the most preferred one because it will serve you for a longer period of time. On the negative side of it is that it is heavier and more expensive. If you are a serious table tennis player this is the kind of table tennis that you should buy.

  1. Is your table outdoor or indoor?

This is a crucial factor that you need to take into consideration when looking for the table tennis conversion top because it can assist you to buy a table tennis that will suit the environment where it will be placed. It is important for you to read table tennis table reviews because they will assist you to buy the right table tennis conversion top. If you table is outdoor then you will have to spend more money and buy a conversion top that is weatherproof. If you assume that all the table tennis conversion tops are the same then you will be messing yourself up because you will end up buying the wrong one.

  1. What is the amount of money that you are willing to spend on your new conversion top?

Your budget for the table tennis conversion top matters in this case and therefore you need to be very careful on this because the amount of money will determine the quality and of conversion top that you will buy. To get the best ping pong table, you will be required to have around $200 to $400. Find better prices here: